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New Molty Foam creates pain in backbone Consumer Protection 23 Apr 2018

I have bought new molty foam mattress last year. But I am not using it anymore as it creates pain in my backbone. Last week my wife slept over there for...


Apparel shipping dispute in Sialkot Business 23 Apr 2018

Dear all, I got an issue about mistaken apparel received from a vendor located in Sialkot Pakistan. I have to talk or better to discuss by mail about...


Divorce notice recived by husband Family 23 Apr 2018

Divorce papers 2 stamp revived by husband what I should I do ? Only one stamp paper left can is it possible divorce is finished....


Immediate Meeting with child Family 22 Apr 2018 and my wife got seperated even not divorced.i want to meet my child through court immediately.please answer how can i meet my child baby girl...

File case of hebaus . For details call Advocate Naeem at 0312-14-68-631View

Case about KE and KWandSB ANY 22 Apr 2018

kwsb provide us water in water line sewerage water about 3-4 years and no taken about this matter no serious resolving this matter. 2nd i want case attempt...


Registry replacement Property 20 Apr 2018

Can a replacement registry be made for a residential house house?


I belong to poor family. I need help. Property 18 Apr 2018

A. O. A! My name is Muhammad Asghar Hussain, Student of F.Sc pre medical (2).i belong to most poor relatives have property in front of the road....


Childrens rights on her father Family 18 Apr 2018

Father give no educational and utility expenceses to his childrens.father is rich and able to provide all facilities.but he take no interst .he beat his...

details required.i-e age of children etcView

FRA appeal w/s and arguments Civil 14 Apr 2018

I m dealing with a defaultor for the last 2 years. I filed 15(1) and later 16(1) when opponents council appeared. 16(1) allowed and order passed to...


Break the company roll Labor 9 Apr 2018

Compny labour aded to private / contracted labour and get payment from contractor even company will not allow it. what is the legal advise to save himslf...


Demand of unjustified amount by Honda Atlas Consumer Protection 6 Apr 2018

Dear Sir, According to Pakistan Govt Automotive Development Policy (2016-21), price and delivery schedule should not exceed two months from the time...

For the redress of the wrong done by the company you can avail remedy from High court For more information contact Advocate Asim JanView

false case need advice urgent ANY 2 Apr 2018

my brother used my bank account for his business need and the business didn't work the investor has filed a fraud case against him and she has given my...

Get a bail before you are arrested.View

Appointment in the higher scale in the same Department during study le ANY 25 Mar 2018

rite Your Question hereI was working as Assistant (BPS-16) in the Public Sector University QAU. I was granted study leave for a period of two years at...


1- Is it a valid contract in the nature of law Family 24 Mar 2018

AOA, Respected Sir I have performed Nikah with mutual consideration. Due to the difference of cities we done this on Video call. She signed the Papers...

Yes. It is valid. You strengthen it by producing the wife before magistrate and record her statement View

divorce n 2nd marriage registration Family 19 Mar 2018

divorce n 2nd marriage registration. divorce n 2nd marriage registration. divorce n 2nd marriage registration

Hello! Please contact Adv Ali at 0346-44-65-967 View

divorce n 2nd marriage registration Family 19 Mar 2018

divorce n 2nd marriage registration. divorce n 2nd marriage registration. divorce n 2nd marriage registration. divorce n 2nd marriage registration

Hello plz contact Advocate Sajid for divorce and 2nd marriage registration.View

What is the proper forum for recovery of fraudulent deducted income ta Civil 18 Mar 2018

A case was filed against Fraudulent deducted income tax from an employee order was passesd by civil court saying proper forum is tax authority while...


Need a free Legal advice ANY 15 Mar 2018

I'm the only legal heir to my father. My father made a trust in which I'm not the trustee, My father trusted a property to the trust and became the trustee...

Hello! Thank you for contacting us. The contents of the trust deed will decide the wish of the trustee. Please refer to the trust deed of your father....View

Blackmailing case ....they threat me on phone and getting money bcz ai Criminal 14 Mar 2018

One of my relative went to a call girl and they shoot my video and after that blackmail start ...I paid around 12 Lacks to them ,now I say no more and...

Hello! It is a heinous crime. You need to register an FIR against them in FIA. For details please visit our website

guardian certificate required Family 13 Mar 2018

guardian certificate required. father murdered and mother marry someone. Both kids residing with Chacha..


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