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Pakistan  North West Frontier  Nowshera Cantonment  KPK
  • Name : Mian Abdullah Shah Advocate
  • Experience : 8 years
  • Education : B.A, LLB, LLM, DISL, CLR, DII
  • Practice Courts : District courts Nowshera, Peshawar HighCourt, Federal Shariat Court Islamabad
  • Specialization : Family, Criminal, Civil, Banking, Corporate, Narcotics,Humman Rights, Service Tribunal

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We are Fully equipped & manned with competent Professional Lawyers. WE PROVIDE ADVOCACY SERVICES FOR CIVIL, CRIMINAL, REVENUE, LABOUR, ENVIRONMENTAL, BANKING, INSURANCE, MARINE, CUSTOM, LAND, INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL, FAMILY, ANTI-NARCOTICS AND DRUG LAWS. SHAH & Associates ensures high quality services to the utmost satisfaction of its clients. Firm\'s wide-ranging practice involves all aspects of Pakistani laws & regulations. We helps clients to collaborate, share and create new business ventures by rendering expert legal advice enabling them to break down barriers, overcome obstacles and to make use of their full potential in various sectors of business. We knows what it takes to meet their client expectations for excellent work and responsive service. The firm also has distinct quality standards for practice which in turn ensures that clients are properly and consistently represented and advised. The firm acknowledges ethical and professional responsibility to clients, the courts and the public at large.
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